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T480 Review and how I compromised on the wrong values

As anyone in my proximity knows by now, I bought a new laptop. I’m kind of excited about it since it’s been a year, which is a long stretch for me (I have a problem I know), since I bought a laptop. To put some context on this review I think a little back story is in order. If you don’t care about the backstory and just want the review, here is a handy link

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Wed, Oct 17, 2018

Kansas Linuxfest

I went to Kansas Linuxfest this weekend and had a fantastic time. I decided to post my notes to the website just in case they're useful to anyone else. This won't be a great post to "read" but, if you're curious about the kind of topics and things you can learn at a Linuxfest this will give you a pretty good idea. The Git Historian by Aaron Sumner Take Aways git log –grep searches commit messages

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Sun, May 14, 2017
#linux #linuxfest #foss

How to Start a (Successful?) Open Source Project

This post is for people wanting to start a FOSS project. Specifically a FOSS project which is bigger than a weekend hackfest. Though most of the advice applies there pretty nicely too. I'm going to assume that you have some idea of what you want to build. If not this post will still have some value as it will give you ideas of how I came up with building Praelatus.

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The Definitive Guide to pass

Recently I decided to start using a password manager as I've found myself caring more and more about security lately. Like many others I had the bad habit of using the same few passwords across many sites and with the multitude of security breaches and password dumps we've seen this year (I'm pretty sure that you could find my old DropBox password in there if you looked hard enough.

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Wed, Nov 9, 2016
#linux #cli #terminal #mac #security

I Don't Git It

I got to give my first talk at Ohio Linuxfest this year and it was very meaningful to me on multiple fronts, not the least of which I was giving my first talk at the Linuxfest that first inspired me to get more active in Open Source in the first place. OHLF is one of the smaller LinuxFests out there nowadays but it will always be my favorite I think.

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Sat, Nov 5, 2016
#linux #linuxfest #foss


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