Kansas Linuxfest

I went to Kansas Linuxfest this weekend and had a fantastic time. I decided to post my notes to the website just in case they’re useful to anyone else. This won’t be a great post to “read” but, if you’re curious about the kind of topics and things you can learn at a Linuxfest this will give you a pretty good idea.

The Git Historian by Aaron Sumner

Take Aways

Project Caua by Jon Maddog Hall

Jon “Maddog” Hall is starting Project Caua, which allows young people in Latin America to use their entrepreneurial talents to build a business and sell it to fund their schooling and the next generation of project Caua students. Super cool idea https://projectcaua.org

Can an Android Device be Open Source and Functional? by Ben Roose

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Sudo: You’re doing it wrong by Michael W Lucas

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Keynote EFF Open Data by Aaron Mackey

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