Kansas Linuxfest 2017

I went to Kansas Linuxfest this weekend and had a fantastic time. I decided to post my notes to the website just in case they’re useful to anyone else. This won’t be a great post to “read” but, if you’re curious about the kind of topics and things you can learn at a Linuxfest this will give you a pretty good idea.

The Git Historian by Aaron Sumner

Take Aways

  • git log –grep searches commit messages
  • git log -S searches changes / code in commits
  • git log has a ridiculous amount of other ways to search
  • You can use git log with any pager
  • Use rebasing to reduce commit noise and combine many commits that you didn’t mean to separate
  • git commit –fixup
  • git commit –squash
  • git rebase –autosquash

Project Caua by Jon Maddog Hall

Jon “Maddog” Hall is starting Project Caua, which allows young people in Latin America to use their entrepreneurial talents to build a business and sell it to fund their schooling and the next generation of project Caua students. Super cool idea https://projectcaua.org

Can an Android Device be Open Source and Functional? by Ben Roose

Take Aways

  • Replicant OS is the most “Open Source” but is not really functional
  • Lineage OS is a great starting point.
  • F-Droid is dooooooooope

Sudo: You’re doing it wrong by Michael W Lucas

Take Aways

  • Structure for sudo rule: username hostnames = (users~yourallowedtorunas~) commands
  • Lists are separated by commas. For example: user ALL=(ALL) binls,bincat
  • Three kinds of Aliases RunAs~Alias~, Cmnd~Alias~, Host~Alias~
  • Using hostnames you can write a sudoers file for multiple machines
  • You can use some basic pattern matching (\* = anychar,
    means a, c, or q) useful for locking down flags

Keynote EFF Open Data by Aaron Mackey

Take Aways

How to Get Started

  • Electronic Frontier Alliance Start Small: Critical mass = 3, EFF can help
  • Screen a documentary film at a Community Center or School
  • Host a discussion about digital rights, use a sign in sheet


  • “Information is power, and like all power there are those who want to keep it for themselves” – Aaron Swartz

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